Scientific American

Mind the [Mass] Gap Astronomers are getting closer to figuring out where the dividing line lies between neutron stars and black holes.
Published in the Scientific American Observations blog, October 28, 2019.

India Bioscience

Science Journalism Internship, Summer 2019
In my first introduction to the craft of science writing, I wrote 3 news articles and 1 feature for India's foremost life sciences communication outlet.

The Wire

Scientists Discover How a Tiny Freshwater Animal Performs a Somersault. Published April 4, 2021.


I am a regular author for Astrobites, a team of Astronomy graduate students who write and edit science summaries aimed at undergraduate students interested in learning more about the latest research in our field.

AAS Nova

Lack of Spacetime Squiggles Limit How Much a Pulsar Can Be Squashed.

I, Science

Extreme Energies
Examining Gravitational Waves throught the prism of Energy, for I, Science, the science magazine of Imperial College, London.


Popping lava bubbles, surfing gravitational waves, and other miscellaneuos musings...

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